In May 2018 Hip Hop Loves embarked in doing workshops and masterclasses in Russia. HHL collaborated with Hip Hop Union and Da Exit to do workshops in five (5) different cities in Russia; Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Suda, Cherepovets, and Yekaterinburg, We connected with over five hundred people through all of events and programs that took place in a three week time period.

There were breakdance, art, graffiti, emcee, and hip history lectures and masterclasses that took place in many of the cities. There was also a breakdance battle that took place in Saint Petersburg in which was an amazing event.

Then in February 2019 HHL Co-Founder and Executive Director René John-Sandy II took another trip to Moscow to assist another workshop with for the “Stop Shooting” project. A group of youths were recording a song that was taking a stand on anti-gun violence in our global community. It was a dynamic experience.

The connection for all of these items to occur stemmed from HHL Advisory Board member Greg Schick in 2017. He had been to Russia for a hip hop project and connected with the founder of Hip Hop Union Sergey Ivanov. Sergey and HHL’s René John-Sandy met at the International Hip Hop Festival at the Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. It is a festival that was created by Greg Schick.

This year we have some more bigger plans that will be announced very soon that will exemplify the continued collaborations and partnership with both organizations.

Special acknowledgements go to Sergey Ivanov, Madd Chief, Mc Shoog, Bobisch, Smol, and Marianna.