In light of this global pandemic, it is important that we all work together in some capacity to help others. We are collaborating with @ace.projects to help support and save some lives during COVID-19. As some of you many know the healthcare system in Brasil is on the verge of crashing. Our focus is to help families in some of the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Favelas: Rocinha, Formiga, Vidigal, Mandela, nova igacu (Comendador Soares), juramentinho, julio otoni

We are raising funds the to purchase a month’s worth supply of food and some hygiene supplies to at least 100 families. This can impact up to an estimated 2,500 people!

ANYTHING you can offer will definitely be helpful and go a long way

FACT: a $15 dollar donation provides a food kit for a family in need
**Food kit provides a month’s worth of food for a family**
$5 donation provides for a hygiene kit


SHARE: Whether you can contribute financially or not please take a moment to share this with at least 5 of your contacts who may be interested in helping. Also, share on your Instagram page/story and other social media/networking platforms. It only takes 2 minutes to do. All the energy and support is welcomed during these times. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!