North Valley, CA

During the summer of 2011, The GR818ERS and HHL host a series of open dance, music, and art workshops for youth at North Valley Caring Services in North Hills, California. We provide elementary and middle-school age children dance courses on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, taught by students and professional Hip Hop artists from across the country.

These dancers are accomplished poppers, lockers, and breakers who have made a great impact in the world of Hip-Hop and are committed to creating fun, educational environments for children who want to learn to dance, play music, and make art.

While the dancers promote safety as a means of preventing injury during dance performances, the visual artists encourage safety as a primary requirement by helping students create their own names as works of graffiti, reinforcing the values of having fun while respecting the space and property of others.

The GR818ERS help empower children of all ages by showing them how to use their creative minds to physically and artistically express themselves. Dancers teach not only fundamental moves such as waves, tutting, slow-motion, miming, up-rocking, and more, but they also teach how to dance-battle respectfully and safely. At the end of each one v. one or two v. two battle, the children shake hands to show respect for the other dancer’s styles.

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