In December 1st & 2nd ,  2009 Hip Hop Loves embarked on its inaugural seminar in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. HHL worked with an organization called Luta Pela Paz (Fight For Peace) and also with the University of Rio. At the Fight For Peace Center HHL facilitated Emcee, DJ and Breakdance workshops that was instructed by HHL Co-founder Sebastian Bardin-Greenberg aka Siba, notable Brazilian turntablist DJ Baboa, and legendary Brazilian breakdancer Cavanha respectively.

Panel discussions were held at both Fight For Peace and the University of Rio with the topic of conversation being the power of hip-hop creating social justice in global communities.

In 2010 HHL resumed instructing Breakdance workshops at Fight For Peace to continue creating a positive impact on the youths in the favelas in Mare, which is where the Fight For Peace Center is located.

Rio is the international headquarters for The Hip Hop Loves Foundation.