The Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHLF) co-produces workshops, seminars and events that create a space for dialogue and exploration centered on the themes of success, youth empowerment and social justice through Hip-Hop within a global context.

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Hip Hop Loves x Ace Project: Brasil COVID 19 Fundraiser

Hip Hop Loves x Ace Project: Brasil COVID 19 Fundraiser

In light of this global pandemic, it is important that we all work together in some capacity to help others. We are collaborating with @ace.projects to help support and save some lives during COVID-19. As some of you many know the healthcare system in Brasil is on the...

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Workshops and Partnerships in Haiti

Workshops and Partnerships in Haiti

HHL has always has a vested interest in empowering youths, creating an impact and make a difference all over the world but due to the natural disasters and the work of mother nature there has always been a passion and commitment to do work in Haiti. We did relief work...

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Hip Hop Loves Rio

Over the last ten months HHL has been in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil facilitating workshops and developing partnerships with organizations in Rio de Janeiro spearheaded by co-founder and executive director René John-Sandy II. Ten years- ago is when HHL did our first...

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Common Questions
How can do I get involved?
You send a message to info@hiphoploves.org expressing what you are interested in and someone will guide in the proper direction for what will be best suitable for you.
Can I volunteer?
Yes! You can send an email to volunteer@hiphoploves.org and we can assist you on how you can do so.
Where are you located?
Our Flagship location is in New York. We do have shares spaces in Philadelphia an Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.
How can we have a workshop in our area?
You can email info@hiphoploves.org and we can go over the logistics of the possibility of having a workshop in your area.