About HHL

The Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHLF) co-produces workshops, seminars and events that create a space for dialogue and exploration centered on the themes of success, youth empowerment and social justice through Hip-Hop within a global context.

We look at Hip-Hop as the cultural intersection of many vibrant forms of expression, including dance, sports, visual arts, and technology. We are unlimited in terms of how we can impact underserved communities globally in our outreach. We work with grassroots organizations, universities, state and federal governments as well as companies that recognize the value in empowering youth.

HHLoves seeks to strengthen Brazil-U.S. relations by linking artists and NGOs that facilitate programs that positively impact the favela communities in Rio. These artists have agreed to invest time and energy in helping to build a cultural bridge that will be ongoing and sustainable.

We believe that the most important aspect of our organization is creating impact both abroad as well as in the United States by using Hip-Hop, current technology and multi media tools.

We are creating a network of U.S. student organizations and University administrations to facilitate ongoing workshops and events, to continue the dialogue centered on how the Hip-Hop medium can contribute to empower underserved communities internationally in a sustainable way.