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DJ CherishTheLuv

DJ CherishTheLuv brings the Healing, Diversity, and Inclusion via art and music!

A graduate of SVA and of Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion program, NYC-native, Filipino-American Cynthia Cherish Malaran uses the DJing of colorful genres of music to connect people of all backgrounds and self-identities. She is a Bose Professional DJ, and an Instructor/Board Member at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, where she creates confidence-building after-school educational programming for Brooklyn Museum and the New York Public Library. Her current clients and residencies include Netflix, Food Network, Heritage Radio Network, Urban Vegan Kitchen, MTV, Whole Foods, celebrities, and corporations. She’s DJ’d for Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, was house DJ for John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons, and has opened for acts from Elvis Costello to LL Cool J, The Who, and Chic. DJ CherishTheLuv is Resident DJ for Nile Rodgers We Are Family Foundation. Her onscreen credits as composer include 47-episode Netflix comedy series “Comedians of the World.”

One of the few DJs ever allowed inside Rikers Island with full gear and contraband cables, CherishTheLuv brings music to several different recidivism programs within. She has been featured in Huffington Post, NPR Music, BravoTV and more. Catch her at the Whole Foods Bryant Park Harbor Bar spinning Reggae, Ska, Afrobeat, Rock, Pop, HipHop, Dance, Disco, House, Salsa, and Soul favorites.

Whether her dancefloor is Soul In The Horn, The Apollo, somewhere in NYC, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Texas, Cali, DC, Rikers, in a hospital, or in a supermarket, CTL uses her love of music and studies in the Diversity and Inclusion space to create a memorable human experience.

Fun facts: DJ CherishTheLuv is an ordained minister, writes and performs wedding ceremonies across the U.S., is a breast cancer double mastectomy survivor, a published author for Memorial Sloan Kettering, has been featured at the main Times Square billboard for a month in 2017, and she got her DJ name from the GZA himself. She is currently writing her book about her music missionary work in hospice, DJing to the dying, called “I’ll Be Your Angel, Next.” Plus, she loves to take requests!