HHL has always has a vested interest in empowering youths, creating an impact and make a difference all over the world but due to the natural disasters and the work of mother nature there has always been a passion and commitment to do work in Haiti. We did relief work in 2016 and have the Hip Hop Loves Compilation volume 1: Hip Hop 4 Haiti being completed> We also have done some workshops. Now we really are expanding the workshops and partnerships in Haiti.

We have established a solid partnership with an organization Adrenaline Hip Hop. We are doing breakdance workshops in Port au Prince, Jacmel and Cap Haitien. From the partnership we have Generation Hip Hop we help secure a chapter in Haiti in November 2019.

Special thanks to Phoenixunisteps aka Mackenzy Phillipe Pierre and Jeeezy 286 for all of your effort and diligence.

We will have more announcements to make during the course of the year.