Over the past several months HHL Co-Founder René John-Sandy II and HHL Advisory Board Members Matt Brittain, John Keefe, Mike Bertoncnichi, and Faullin Brannon have been working diligently on a plan to have our own space to run HHL After school programming and to have a twenty-four hour recording studio called “Revolution Studios”.

Currently we are looking at Brooklyn to be the birthplace of this phenomenal project. We have had some productive meetings with various people and entities in order to create this to fruition. We have some potential leads in Sunset Park and Brownsville of possible spaces.

We can use any productive support and funding for this initiative. If you are interested in helping with this please e-mail hiphoplovesfoundation@gmail.com for more information.

A special thanks goes out to Matt Brittain for being the brainchild behind this project.