HHL created a project call “Stop Shooting’ that is to take a stand on all of the gun violence happening in our global communities. The Hip Hop Loves Family felt that there has been nothing substantially done by the hip hop community so we feel that we would be the lead voice to do so. It started with recording a song with a few of the students that we were working with at the Harlem Childrens Zone and advisory Board Member Yusef Salam from the Central Park 5 at the Brewery Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After that we had a workshop and recorded a song with kids in Atlanta, Georgia in collaboration with Re:ImagineATL at the Turner Broadcast Studios . It was an absolute success. The title of the song is “Don’t Shoot” After vocally the recording “Don’t Shoot” there was a three day video production camp in which students created a video for the song.

This created the inspiration to do a full-length project and do workshops and songs from various cities around the world. Some of the places included in the project are Philadelphia, Moscow, Kingston, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Melbourne and others.

There are many artists from around the world that are participating in the project.

The release of this project is scheduled for the summer of 2020. Proceeds from the project will go to help continue doing workshops of this magnitude and also to support anti-gun violence initiatives in some of the areas where this project has been facilitated.